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Corporate Responsibility

Sustainable Development


2010 Sustainable Development Report

Eastplats and its subsidiaries are committed to operating its mining and associated operations in a responsible manner in order minimize impacts on the environment and to ensure the well being of our employees and the community. Eastplats is aware that it faces challenges in contributing to the sustainable development of the environment and communities in which it operates while still remaining a viable mining operation that promotes attractive returns on investment. Within this framework all sustainable development initiatives will be aligned with business strategies to support the underlying business. The key strategic sustainable development focus areas have been:

  • Complying with environment legislation;
  • Identifying, limiting and internalizing the negative environmental impacts associated with mining activities;
  • Contributing to the development of the communities affected by mining activities; and
  • Aligning of the mine's closure objectives with local community needs and capabilities, local government development plans, and the receiving physical environment.