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Corporate Responsibility

Safety, Health and Well-being

Eastplats is committed to an environment that promotes the safety and well being of our employees, service providers and contractors. We believe that our pro-active and preventative approach, as part of our safety strategy and system, contributes towards achieving zero harm.

Stakeholder engagement exists on various levels within the organisation creating the opportunity for open discussions on safety and health matters. Continued awareness of safety issues, provided by management in consultation with organised labour, is vital to ensure accident prevention.

Eastplats’ operations fall under the jurisdiction of the Mine Health and Safety Act, and employees are subject to the required safety and health training.

The company believes that leadership commitment is crucial to success in safety. Executives – from board members to senior management undertake regular visits and interact with the employees on all levels to discuss operational safety issues.

Safety will not be compromised and personal responsibility for safety, leading by example, encouraging safe behavior and eradicating unsafe acts will be achieved by:

  • Providing continuous training and coaching in addition to the necessary resources and personal protective equipment.
  • Monitoring and analyzing workplace conditions and the employee’s interaction with it, being safe or at risk.
  • Identifying unsafe practices and enforcing discipline to work to standards
  • Removing barriers that prevent employees form working safely

The health and wellbeing of our employees has a direct impact on their ability to perform safely in the workplace. Our objective is to prevent people from being exposed to occupational risks in the workplace. If an occupational disease does occur, we have the responsibility to learn from the incident and put measures in place to prevent a repeat. Crocodile River Mine has a healthcare center (Life Occupational Healthcare) on its premises where a qualified multidisciplinary team made up of an occupational medical practitioner and occupational health nurses are available to assist employees. The primary functions of the center include occupational health services, health risk assessment (Blood pressure, blood glucose, BMI), monitoring of chronic conditions and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries.

The healthcare practitioners also provide consulting and referral services, prevalence assessments, impact analyses and wellness related educational and awareness information to employees. An operation Wellness Committee interacts monthly to monitor progress on the wellness strategy, and find innovative methods to prevent occupational health related diseases.

Eastplats recognizes that the management of HIV/Aids is an integral part of its approach to ensuring the well-being of its employees.