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Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Impact

Eastplats strives in all its operations to foster a climate suitable for sustainable development. 

The Company is committed to:

  • Protect the environment against negative impacts,
  • Optimize the responsible use of environmental resources in a manner which is,
    • financially sustainable i.e. reducing environmental costs, adding value to communities, and
    • beneficial for both current (increase production, continuous rehabilitation and investing into local areas) and future (optimizing closure plans and cost) generations.
  • Monitor environmental sustainability.


Eastplats furthermore emphasizes its commitment to sustainable environmental development by putting in place the following strategic environmental objectives:

  • Zero emissions
    • Prevention of dust and emissions, where possible.
    • Mitigating the impacts of dust and emissions, if generated.
  • Zero Effluent
    • Preventing effluent to be generated.
    • Ensuring no effluent run off from the premises, by containment and re-use.
    • Treatment of effluent to acceptable quality standards, for release or re-use purposes.
  • Zero Contamination and loss
    • Preventing soil contamination by any pollutant.
    • Preventing the loss of topsoil or the sterilization of soil.
    • Rehabilitation of polluted soil to acceptable standards.
    • Management of vegetation and storm water to minimize erosion.
  • Zero community concerns
    • Minimizing and addressing stakeholders concerns about the activities of the mine.
    • Minimizing the environmental impacts on stakeholders, through pro-active action.
    • Maintaining good relationships with all stakeholders.