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Corporate Responsibility


Corporate Governance Practices of Eastplats

The Board of Directors of Eastplats believes that good corporate governance improves corporate performance and benefits all shareholders.  The directors of Eastplats have adopted guidelines to assist the board in the exercise of its duties and responsibilities.   


The principle responsibilities of the directors are to oversee the management of the Company and, in doing so, serve the best interests of the Company on behalf of its shareholders. 


The board has established a number of standing committees to enable it to discharge its duties and responsibilities properly and to fulfill its decision-making process effectively.

The following information reflects the composition and activities of these committees:

Audit Committee
Robert Gayton, Merfyn Roberts, Gregory Cameron

The Audit Committee will assist the board of directors in fulfilling its financial oversight responsibilities.  The Audit Committee will review and consider in consultation with the auditors the financial reporting process, the system of internal control and the audit process.  In performing its duties, the committee will maintain effective working relationships with the Board, management, and the external auditors.

Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee
Gordon Keep, Merfyn Roberts

The primary purpose of the Committee is to discharge the Board's responsibilities relating to compensation and benefits of the Company's Chief Executive Officer and other executive officers, including responsibility for evaluating and reporting to the Board on matters concerning management performance, officer compensation, benefits plans and programs.  In carrying out these responsibilities, the Committee shall review all components of executive officer compensation for consistency with the Company's compensation philosophy as in effect from time to time.

Executive Committee
David Cohen, Ian Rozier

The Executive Committee of the Board is delegated all powers of the directors as a whole not otherwise delegated to the audit and compensation committees with limited exceptions primarily related to the appointment and removal of directors.

Safety, Health, Environmental and Risk Committee
Ian Rozier, David Cohen

This committee assists the Board in its oversight responsibilities relating to the development, review, and evaluation of the Company’s safety, health and environmental objectives, and the monitoring of compliance with applicable safety, health and environmental laws and regulations.